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Gallery wrapped prints,

The canvas is stretched and mounted on a wooden frame, with the image wrapped around all four  edges.

Prints are from our own photos and all the work is done inhouse, which gives us total control of the finished item which is of a high standard / quality.

Showing wrapped edge

Steam locomotive 60103 Flying Scotsman.

May 2018 Yorkshire, blue sky and sunshine what more could you ask for.

Well how about a glimpse of the famous FLYING SCOTSMAN as she passed through Settle station. I could say it was planned, but, in this instant it wasn’t.

I was in need of the stations facilities and saw the notice board stating, Flying Scotsman due to pass through the station.

Well, being  photographers, of course we had cameras with us. We didn’t have long to wait, and  the reward was well worth it. I can tell you she was not coasting, that loco for all her age can move at a fair old rate.

What had we gone to Settle for that day. No idea, but I can tell you we cane away with big smiles of our faces.

Steam locomotive 60103 The Flying Scotsman.

The smells, soot, coal, smoke and steam all mixed together.

 I can tell you it took me back to my childhood. Standing with my brother on the bridge in Bognor,  ( Bognor, south coast of England ) looking over at the steam trains passing below.

We must have looked like a couple of grubby urchins. Did we get a telling off when we got back to auntie’s house? Yes !

The Flying Scotsman in a cloud of smoke and steam.

Locomotive:    60103  Flying Scotsman

Train:            The Cathedrals Express

Canvas    “ Flying Scotsman Settle Station“

Canvas size:  

Dandry Mire, Yorkshire / Cumbria border


Just for the record we are NOT train spotters, we are photographers that enjoy taking photos of trains.

Do we have a bucket list of trains to see, no. But our bucket has been overflowing with the fun we have had taking the photos and meeting some interesting people along the way.

Dandry Mire viaduct, we met a lovely couple, and went on to have a toasted tea cake and coffee with them at  Meadowside Cafe, in  Dent Village. ( Other tearooms are also available ).

Is it a locomotive or a steam engine?  Both ? I’m not a train spotter.

Locomotive:    48151

Train:            The Dalesman

Canvas    “ 48151 Steaming over Dandry Mire“

Canvas size:  

Locomotive:    60103  Flying Scotsman

Train:            The Flying Scotsman

Canvas    “ The Flying Scotsman, clouds of smoke and steam“

Canvas size:  


Locomotive:    60103  Flying Scotsman

Train:            The Flying Scotsman

Canvas    “ The Flying Scotsman.

             Out on test, world war BLACK“

Canvas size:  

Locomotive:    60103  Flying Scotsman

Train:            National Railway Museum, York

Canvas    “ The Flying Scotsman.

Tests complete, now in BR Green “

Canvas size:  

Out on test.

I think this was the start of my taking photographs of steam trains.

A very good friend of mine  had been a fireman ( the man that shovelled the coal into the boiler ), no not a volunteer, he had worked on the railways back in the days of steam.

 I had listened to many of his anecdotes, not an easy life. I think his early shift was 3 a.m. Lighting the boiler, stoking her up and ensuring she had a good head of steam. I’m sure my friend L. J. must have been a good six inches taller back then, he must have shovelled hundreds of tons of coal.

L. J. “ You must come and see the famous Flying Scotsman, she’s out on test after a very expensive restoration. “

L. J. Knew just the spot were we would be able to get a good view of the train / locomotive.

 Out on test! Well if that was test, I couldn’t wait to see her in full steam, I was hooked.               ( I think I might be a train enthusiast. Bert )

Locomotive:    60163  Tornado

Train:            Tornado at East Lancs

Canvas    “ Happy Birthday Tornado “

Canvas size:  

March 2018.   Happy Birthday Tornado.

Tornado, although only ten years old, ( nowt but a lad ) in locomotive years. Still has the awesome power to transport you back in time.

Now a mere decade old, Tornado has already clocked up 100,00 miles of service.

Locomotive:    48151

Train:            The Dalesman

Canvas    “ 48151 Heads towards Blea Moor Tunnel“

Canvas size:  


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